Wednesday, October 28, 2009

2010 Conference in Salem, A Call to Arms!

To all support staff:

Your professional organization needs your help. Would you like to serve on the conference committee and have direct input into theme, sessions, Keynote speaker? Don't forget table decorations and raffle baskets! And you'll work closely with support staff from other libraries. C'mon, give it a try, you know you want to.

Given the economic situation I know that more and more of us find ourselves facing restrictions on travel and other expenses. I proposed to my supervisor that my participation could be part of the mandatory furlough hours or even voluntary furlough. But, consider that you can participate without ever leaving your work place! Almost all of the planning can be done via email. We may even be able to arrange a video conference among committee members.

If you are able to participate in this exciting endeavor or if you want more information, please comment here or contact me at my work email

It may come down to cancelling the July conference, which, while sad, might be a sacrifice we are called upon to make.

Thank you for considering,


  1. I have been (somehow) to every Gateways conference. I know times are very tough, and really don't know what kind of year 2010 will turn out to be. But it would be such a shame if Gateways were canceled because we, as an organization, weren't up to it. I'd be willing to do some gopher work for the committee--make a few phone calls or something. This kind of service to your fellow support staff can be a wonderful experience. I hope we, as a group, can do this.

    Susan Gilmont
    SSD Chair

  2. My coworker, Gene, has graciously agreed to be on the committee, as much as his schedule permits.
    I know his input will be invaluable.

    Margaret, 2010 Conference Chair