Sunday, June 24, 2012

ALA-APA announces financial assistance for LSSC Candidates

Hello Colleagues and Potential Candidates!

The Library Support Staff Certification (LSSC) Program announced today that it is offering $200 subsidies for 75 candidates to complete LSSC approved courses.  If the cost of the course is less than $200, the subsidy will cover the cost of the entire course minus materials such as books, etc.  LSSC is a national, voluntary certification program administered by the American Library Association-Allied Profession Association (ALA-APA).

All LSSC candidates are eligible to receive a subsidy by completing an application form available here. ALA-APA will give first preference to those candidates who have not received a previous subsidy. To apply for a subsidy, applicants must enroll in the LSSC by July 30, 2012. LSSC enrollment information is available here. Recipients will be chosen using a random selection process; ALA-APA will announce subsidy awards on August 6, 2012.

Recipients must complete an LSSC approved course by April 1, 2013.  A catalog of approved courses is available here. To receive the subsidy, recipients must add a Course Certification Certificate to their candidate record and send proof of course payment to LSSC. 

More information about the course subsidies is available at our website.

The LSSC is partially funded by the Institute of Museum and Library Services.  For more information, please contact LSSC staff at lssc@org or Ian Lashbrook.

Ian Lashbrook -
Research Associate
American Library Association-Allied Professional Association
50 E Huron St
Chicago IL 60611-2795

Friday, June 8, 2012

Fix-it Friday : Tip-In Tips

This week's Fix-it Friday presents one of the simplest and quickest book repairs -- tipping in loose pages -- with some tricks for making it even simpler!

Saturday, June 2, 2012

SSD Conference Breakout Session: Coping with Change

We have some great breakout sessions planned for this year's SSD conference. Here is some more information about the Coping with Change session:

If the first three things you think of when you hear about a change at work are “not this again,” or “if I hear about one more change, I'm just going to spit,” or “I can’t take this anymore,” then attend this session! Together we’ll explore the human side of change, trade tips on living through change, and talk about skills which will help you, and therefore your employer, get through change at work. Libraries are being challenged to be adaptable and flexible in order to survive; that has to start with staff. In his session, we’ll work together to adapt our attitudes about change from evil, awful, and horrid to exciting, invigorating and stimulating.

Presenter Bio: Maureen (Mo) Cole is the Director of the Oregon City Public Library, moving to that position in 2009 after working at the Eugene Public Library for 3 years and the Kellenberger Library at Northwest Christian University for 10 years. This year marks her 20th year as a librarian and she notes that the technology has completely changed during that time. Maureen brings a unique perspective because of her broad range of experiences in special, school, academic and public libraries in volunteer, classified and management positions ranging from technical services to public services. She was even a library board member at one point. Even though she is certain that the pace of change has completely exceeded our human capacity to change, she knows that library staff are superheroes who are up to any challenge.