Monday, February 10, 2014

Associatesweb has a question for you!

Associatesweb is an online worldwide journal for library support staff. They are asking for submissions for their March issue.  Take a look:

The question for the March issue of 'Associates : the Electronic Library Support Staff Journal' is:

Books made into films.  Which one/s do you think are good, OK and not so good?

If you would like to participate, nominate one or a couple for each category, or just your all-time favourite or not so favourite, by contacting Kevin Dudeney at Although, not compulsory, you can also
provide reasons for your nomination.

Here's a list of movies based on books coming out this year that may jumpstart your thinking. Enjoy!

Monday, February 3, 2014

Library retreat

This looks like such a relaxing library.  It's a personal library in a garden, so I'm assuming there's no staff.  It would certainly be awkward to shelve in, but I would totally love to spend some time there regardless.

It's in the Czech Republic and was designed and built by Mjölk architekti. It even has an opening roof that can be used as an observatory.

Photos by Barbora Kuklíková

Have you ever been to a library like this?