Friday, February 26, 2016

Call for Networking Emcee

The OLA SSD annual conference on July 15th in Wilsonville is looking to be a great one, full of new ideas and interesting sessions! Based on some of the feedback we received after 2015’s conference, one of those new ideas we’re going to be including is a chunk of time set aside specifically for networking, open to all conference attendees and presenters. This networking session will go best if there is someone there whose job is to keep it lively and make sure everyone gets as much as they can out of their time.

While our committee members are happy to provide a bit of structure for the session, we thought we’d present the opportunity for professional development to all of SSD’s talented members. If you’re a networking rockstar (or if you just happen to know a few tricks for getting a group of strangers to meet), we’d love to have you emcee this year’s networking session! Contact us at and share your ideas. If you prefer a phone call to an email, feel free to call conference committee co-chairs Justyne Triest (503-352-1426) or Jennifer Patterson (503-691-3074). For more information about the conference, look here to get to our current conference page. We look forward to hearing from you!