Monday, July 29, 2013

SSD Post Conference... post

new roundtable to 1st conf_Page_1A couple items:

We've had a flickr page since 2009 and a few photos from our most recent conference are up. You can see some of our old paperwork, too!

Mary Kay Dahlgreen wrote an entry on her blog about our conference and her favorite session of the day, but that the keynote was ho-hum. Um, what? We completely disagree, MKD. :)

Monday, July 22, 2013

Iconic Oregon Library Cat Dies

Aggie, one of the many cats that have called libraries their home, passed away July 15th.  She originally came to the Willamina Library back in 1995 and moved out in 2010 to live with her adopted couple. You can read more about it in the article from KGW.

Friday, July 19, 2013

SSD 2013 Conference - A Day In the Life

Three Oregon support staff talk about what the heck they do all day...

3:01:14 PM Erich Peppler Circulation/Equipment/Volunteer Coordinator at Oregon State Library Talking Books and Braille Services.

3:02:02 PM 5300 patrons served, however that’s only 10% of the population that could use these services.

3:04:20 PM He oversees 2 Circ Techs

3:05:30 PM Circ has morning and afternoon processes – pulling things off shelves, sending address cards to print; sending out books, inspecting, check-in, mismatches, and shelving.

3:07:36 PM Tossing is how they sort – 1500 in 15 minutes?

3:08:27 PM Equipment – they have to upkeep the equipment – they have special players.

3:09:26 PM Volunteer  management takes the largest amount of time.

3:11:29 PM They have a partnership with Delta Gamma Sorority, who volunteer every year.

3:12:40 PM His days are different depending on whether school is in or out of session.

3:14:33 PM BARD – Braille and Audio Reading Download – patrons can access this 24/7 and download their own books!  A lot of patrons they serve have insomnia so it’s good they are available at 3am.

3:17:15 PM They want to RFID tag their books in the future.

3:19:01 PM WIPO has a treaty that’s going to share resources for the blind and visually impaired with other countries.

3:24:21 PM Turner Masland is up. He’s the Resource Sharing Supervisor at PSU Millar Library.

3:27:36 PM In charge of ILL, Summit, Local Paging (a sort of holds system), Faculty Delivery, and soon starting a Document Delivery (electronic delivery of document that haven’t been scanned).

3:30:40 PM Wow, their door count is over 1,000,000.

3:34:13 PM They page twice a day. Lots of packaging and shipping, too.

3:35:03 PM Turner usually deals with frustrated patrons – they move so many materials things get lost occasionally. He enjoys turning the frustration into satisfaction.

3:37:53 PM Electronic materials are only kept in the library for 30 days because of copyright issues, so it would not be

3:38:57 PM Kate Winsor, Operations Assistant (Do-er Of All) in Hood River Library.

3:43:42 PM It’s a live-action skit!

3:41:11 PM Two courier systems. External is Sage, and internal. They also serve the high school.

3:52:09 PM The skit was not live-bloggable, but so entertaining!

SSD 2013 Conference - Playing Well With Others

OLA SSD 2013 Conference
Session 2 – Playing Well with Others – Leigh Anne Jasheway

1:19:43 PM You create situations by how you communicate. Using a “humor moment” can create a better experience both for you and the other person.

1:21:21 PM Game: Three people say one word each to complete a sentence: What is the meaning of life?: The meaning of life is 42, but for the majority that is too simple, therefore, most agree that many diverse universal options are available.

1:23:49 PM How do you paint the Sistine Chapel?: Two thousand years ago flat paint was insufficient, therefore we creatively selected and bulbous multituted(?) paint so when the ceiling was painted, creatively, of course, Leonardo D. could not decide how He would choose what color so therefore he splattered paint texture crookedly, abstractedly, artistically, divinely, upon the bulbous multitutive, ceiling.

1:29:22 PM What does this teach us? Things don’t always go the way we want. There’s a lot of unspoken communication.

1:31:47 PM We believe things will go the way we expect, but there is misdirection. The graph looks like this: _/ Then we experience surprise, discomfort, stress, denial, impatience.

1:33:32 PM This is also the way jokes work - setup and punchline/misdirecton. Hmm…

1:39:39 PM 60% of things you worry about never happen.

1:40:37 PM Want to change the turning point of the graph that normally creates negative emotions into a comedy point.

1:46:48 PM Jasheway has a ton of funny stories! Pantyhose in skirts, spray tans on the elderly.

1:48:52 PM Another game, this one called World’s Worst. World’s Worst Ballerina. Wow! World’s Worst Astronaut. World’s Worst Plumber.  World’s Worst Dogwalker. World’s Worst Rap Band. Okay, that was *funny*!

1:54:02 PM That game is a really good highlight for how much perfectionism and expectations affect your life.

1:56:55 PM Choose to do something you’ll know you suck at.

1:58:59 PM You cannot take risks and achieve anything without failing along the way.

2:00:37 PM Next game: Two and Ten. One person talks in ten word sentences and the other person uses two. This is a hard game!

2:07:59 PM People have different styles of communication.

2:08:21 PM Next game: Poet From a Different Land. One person speaks complete gibberish, another interprets, the last person does an interpretive dance.

2:12:25 PM Make up your own gibberish words!

2:12:43 PM The point of that game was: Communication is not just what comes out of our mouths.

2:14:58 PM Next game: Telling a story one sentence at a time:

2:16:26 PM BRB!

2:25:08 PM This is great example of how life takes twists and turns that you can’t predict.

2:25:48 PM We either make ourselves happy or make ourselves miserable. The amount of work is the same. – Carlos Castaneda

SSD 2013 Conference - Book mending

1:55 PM 7/19/2013 19th Gateways Conference, Mountain View Room at the Hood River Inn

Carolee Harrison of Portland State University  has everyone  learning  to use an archival enclosure called the Kyle wrapper to preserve books that cannot be repaired.

Across the hall Carrie Rasmussen, Hood River County Deputy D.A. is walking us through the intricacies of the Mandatory Reporting laws.

It's always smooth sailing here in windy Hood River.  The journey continues for Support Staff...stay tuned.

SSD 2013 Conference - Becoming Better at Your Job

The first session of the day is Becoming Better at Your Job with Leigh Ann Jasheway. And yes, I felt really ironic live-blogging during this session.  - Rebecca

10:25:20 AM She’s the type of teen that lied about going to the library and told her parents she was actually going to a party. She’s one of us. ☺

10:28:20 AM And interesting story about the OLA conference in Bend 10 years ago, it involves bark falling out of pants, haha.

10:31:07 AM Male brains and female brains, boxes and bundle of copper wire. But! 10-15% of us have the opposite sex brain.

10:32:29 AM Female brain - every time you have a thought, you have an emotion. Male brain does not.

10:34:30 AM In addition to everything already in our brain, we now have to deal with technology.

10:39:57 AM Exercise: Turn to the person next to you and give two compliments and receive one. Laughing is natural because of the laughter/play response we humans have.

10:40:08 AM Or not - google “rats laughing”?

10:41:31 AM Sense of humor releases pressure. Letting off pressure allows you to relax and adapt.

10:43:47 AM 9 years ago, no facebook, 32 years ago, first personal computer. 45 years ago, partyline telephones. But somehow we’ve convinced ourselves technology is crucial.

10:45:55 AM Leigh Anne has some hilarious stories! They mostly involve bathrooms.

10:47:04 AM Haha, a description of cellphones à la 50 Shades of Grey - dominant and submissive contract.

10:47:46 AM Ack! Now we are exchanging cell phones! What! How uncomfortable are you. And now those people are giving phones to someone else. What is your anxiety level? AAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!

10:49:48 AM Etch-A-Sketch texting!

10:50:22 AM More technology is better? Doesn’t work with cherries, either.

10:50:59 AM 55% of high school students spend less than 1 hr studying and more than 9 texting.

10:51:42 AM Emergency rooms now have code for walking and texting accidents.

10:52:43 AM Group juggling… brb!

11:03:15 AM That was completely chaotic – groups of 8 people juggling 5 scrunchies –you can’t choose which ball you drop in life.

11:04:43 AM People who thing they are the best at multi-tasking are the worst. Ie, texting and driving.

11:05:24 AM And who’s responsible for dropped scrunchies? You or the other person?

11:06:11 AM There’s a difference between amount of tasks you’re comfortable doing and capable of doing.

11:10:52 AM The more scrunchies to juggle, the faster it went. Slow down!

11:13:26 AM Lots of laughter when scrunchies are dropped. How often do we use laugh in our jobs when there’s failure?

11:14:37 AM Now we are singing!

11:17:11 AM The tongue-twister song occupied all of our brain. NO ONE was thinking about their stress.

11:18:51 AM Engage in something challenging that you can’t succeed at that is silly!

11:22:28 AM Laughing, jogging, standing on your head are best ways to get blood to your brain.

11:24:43 AM We lose REM sleep because we are thinking about technology?

11:25:03 AM Documentary “Crackberry’d”? 73% did not remember seeing a clown.
11:26:19 AM Our memories are getting worse. Our thinking is getting shallower. We’re less intelligent – email interruptions are more damaging than pot. Compassion and empathy decreasing.

OLA SSD 2013 Conference
11:29:10 AM Plus now the NSA is watching. With special NSA eyeball hat.

11:29:22 AM 67% people on dates check their cellphones.

11:30:35 AM How to turn off your brain. There’s 10, but here are a few:

11:30:46 AM Give your cellphone a time out. Did anything vitally important happen that you missed?

11:32:32 AM Pretend you’re on “That 70s Show” – only use that technology.

11:35:23 AM Get out in nature.

11:37:17 AM Don’t sleep with your cellphone.

11:38:26 AM Express your joy.

11:38:47 AM Go out with real friends once a week. (minus technology!)

11:39:08 AM Take improv class – makes you be present in the moment.

11:40:21 AM Instead of LOL, acutally laugh out loud.

11:45:42 AM Despite this topic, she does have a facebook page:

SSD 2013 Conference - Keynote

OLA SSD 2013 ConferenceThis year, we have Mary Kay Dahlgreen, the State (and stately) Librarian, as our keynote speaker...

9:08 AM And now for Mary Kay Dahlgreen.  One of her favorite events of the year. Ours, too. ☺

9:11 AM A reminder that the State Library exists! Established in 1905. It’s a beautiful library – go visit it. Mary has a very “modest” office on the 2nd floor.

9:12 AM She practices her stern and stately State Librarian look every morning.

9:15 AM Library Link of the Day is one of Mary Kay’s favorite site. Site was bemoaning the loss of quiet libraries. We are not quiet anymore. What does that look like?

9:16 AM Full service to self service.

9:18 AM Really moving from full service to providing options.

9:19 AM Libraries of Oregon is accessible by anyone in Oregon. So people who don’t have local library access now have it!

9:21 AM Intentional participation in and support of education systems. In last 20 years, we finally have evidence-based support of early learning benefits.

9:24 AM Dispersed impact vs. collective impact. Big advantages to working together and providing services to everybody.
9:26 AM Library2Go has been around 10 years?

9:29 AM Paper-based/physical vs. digital/virtual. Paper-based will be around for a while. But we have great digitization projects and Answerland

9:31 AM Traveling to library and fuzzy slipper service. Do both!

9:31 AM Modern reality.  People have a really traditional image of what’s available at libraries – including legislators. We’re not a bunch of old gals in long skirts shushing people. We have the responsibility to change that image.

9:33 AM Pew internet study of library usage?

9:39 AM Getting on the Colbert report is the pinnacle of success for libraries.

9:42 AM Biggest threat to libraries is the past, not the future.

9:42 AM Community gathering space vs. … community gathering space.

9:43 AM Libraries used to bring people to the world, now libraries bring communities to the world.

9:46 AM Closing remarks – libraries have never been more important. Be nimble!

9:49 AM What other libraries are doing similar to Deschutes who just added reciprocal counties? Some libraries have adopted Evergreen, Sage in Eastern Oregon.

9:52 AM Old courier systems: garbage trucks and bank couriers.

9:53 AM Will Passport system ever be adopted on state-wide basis? MK believes we can do that, but as opposed to early adopters, we would have to change a lot of systems, and overcome local politics.

10:01 AM A plea from Rea - PLEASE VOLUNTEER FOR OLA SSD! It’s really super simple to participate. Talk to anyone with Mardi Gras beads.

ETA: The last slide of Mary Kay's presentation was a little hard to read, so if you missed it, here it is:
"The mission is timeless. Some of the tools we use to execute the mission are evolving. If we honor the mission and embrace the tools, we'll be serving lifelong learning and American democracy for a long time." - Patrick Duke, Library Director, Wilsonville Public Library

SSD 2013 Conference - Opening remarks

8:55 AM Margaret’s up! Are we there yet? We’re here. Oops, session rooms left out of program. Day in the Life – Columbia Room. Tech Age – Riverview. Archival Enclosures - Mountain Room.

8:58 AM SSD staff is wearing Mardi Gras beads. No, not like that!

9:02 AM Buzzy closed all HR libraries so the entire staff could attend! Awesome!           

9:06 AM Hood River’s Mayor Arthur Belitz. Welcoming us to the 2nd 100 years of HR libraries.

9:07 AM He’s thrilled to have their library back - so are we!

SSD 2013 Conference - Opening

9:15 AM 7/19/2013 Hood River, Oregon 19th Gateways Conference “Are we there yet?”
It is a beautiful day  here in the Columbia Gorge with Keynote speaker MaryKay Dahlgreen State Librarian, speaking about the journey for libraries and library staff, including from full service to self-service...

Monday, July 15, 2013

2013 SSD Conference on Friday!

Beach Library, Albena Resort, Bulgaria
Our summer conference is just days away.  Stay tuned here for live blogging of our conference.  Watch twitter for the hashtag #SSD2013 (Since this is the same tag as Senior Skip Day and Salatiga Slaughter Day(!), it may change. We'll let you know.), and this space for any last minute updates or changes.

We hope to see you there!

Monday, July 8, 2013

Library Technology News

The library mobile app company Boopsie for Libraries introduced multilingual functionality at the end of June. It's an app that public and academic libraries use for their mobile needs and it allows patrons to "search the library's catalog, locate branches, ask a librarian questions, view a calendar of events and check out books on their mobile devices with just the click of a button."

Monday, July 1, 2013

Abandoning Dewey Decimal?

The Kent District Library in Kent County, Michigan has changed their cataloging system from Dewey Decimal to a more bookstore-style classification.   Melissa Wild will be talking about this more at the ALA Annual 2013 today. It sounds like the staff took this in stride, however I'd be curious to know how it affected shelvers/pages and shelving.  Does it slow it down or speed it up?  It seems efficient to keep all the same subjects in the same area, but I assume there was some sort of learning curve.

Did any of you attend ALA and get any more details?

Or have any of you in Oregon changed cataloging systems? How did it go?