Monday, August 26, 2013

A couple of sessions from the SSD 2013 conference

Thanks to Buzzy Nielsen for sharing these links:

Did you miss the OLA Support Staff Division conference on July 19th? Not to worry! You can check out the presentations and handouts of a couple of the sessions on Northwest Central (

Civility in the Workplace: Here, There, Anywhere
Presented by Mo Cole, Director, Oregon City Public Library

Mandatory Child Abuse Reporting According to Oregon Law
Presented by Carrie Rasmussen, Deputy District Attorney, Hood River County

Friday, August 23, 2013

Libraries in the news

The Ted M. Natt Research Library in the Columbia River Maritime Museum in Astoria was written up in the Oregonian.  It sounds like it would be a fascinating place both to work and research.  It also sounds like they've got their hands full cataloging!  Check out the article if for nothing else but the photos.

A library in Bend was evacuated because a bike lock looking remarkably like a hand grenade was found on the property.  It was possibly something like this.  But it never hurts to be safe.  Glad our Deschutes compatriots were not at all harmed.

Jackson County's Library Advisory Committee is backing a library funding proposal to create a library district

Hannon Library at Southern Oregon University is going to be cataloging... wine?  No, they are archiving historic documents of local wine makers.  Again, sounds like another interesting cataloging project.

Monday, August 19, 2013

Works Well With Others

Today we have a message from Susan Gilmont. It sounds like a great opportunity!

I don’t know how you folks are evaluated these days, but here’s a criterion that goes into my annual evaluation:

“Cooperative effort to achieve common goals; ability to work well with others”

Here’s a suggestion for a way to meet this goal:  join the SSD Continuing Education Committee.

If you’d like to meet and work with top-tier library employees from all over the state, this is the place.  If you’re looking for a growth experience, or to enhance your resume by showing how you can “work well with others,” then this is a good opportunity.  If you have a boss who is pushing you to expand your horizons, this could be the answer.  If you are just looking for a place to make a contribution, boy do we have a spot for you.

The Continuing Education Committee finds presenters for OLA and sponsors sessions there.  There are two flurries of activity around this – one in September, when we propose sessions, and one just before OLA.  Most meeting and planning is done by e-mail, calls or Skyping.  Easier than ever.

What it does for you:  I’ve been on this committee for a lot of years. It’s very energizing.  You find yourself looking at educational offerings in a whole new light:  would this speaker be good for OLA?  What sessions have I always wanted to see?  What do we all think about but nobody talks about (like money)? It turns you outward, makes you look around in a new way.  Very good for a person.  You have a reason to go to that workshop that made you curious.  It’s also justification for you to attend OLA, if you need something like OLA involvement to back up your attendance.

So, please consider joining us.  We’ll have a good time, and we’ll make a contribution.  If you are interested, please contact me at:  .