Thursday, January 29, 2015

Could this work in your library?

Barbary Sanderson, a teen services assistant at Licking County Library in Ohio, came up with a neat new program that lends out guitars to their patrons. 

This article in the Newark Advocate goes into a little more detail.  She's teamed up with a local guitar shop, bank, and the board of trustees.

Their lending policies can be found here on their website.

Licking County will also be adding ukeleles to their collections, among other things.  It looks like a lot of their ideas come from their support staff, too.

What awesome "think outside the box" things is your library doing?  How do support staff help with those ideas?

Monday, January 26, 2015

The newest library in Oregon
That axe would be handy for breaking down crates, amiright?

Well, sort of!  The new TNT series 'The Librarians', which is filmed in Oregon, debuted on Dec 7th. 

Have any of you watched the new series?  How do you like it?

Most importantly, is it accurate in its depiction of library support staff in Oregon?!?