Thursday, March 26, 2009

Home Sweet Home

Thank you for starting this blog for us SSD staff, we have another "home" to come to.
I look forward to reading my colleagues' posts!

Margaret Harmon-Myers, Eugene Public Library


  1. Yup, this is great!

    Since we don't all know each other very well, how about if we let everybody know what books we're reading now? I'll start, as I'm usually reading several at once:

    David McCullough's autobiography of John Adams. Fascinating, and I wonder if I would have liked history better in high school if I'd had books like this.

    The Moonstone. One of my favorite books, which I re-read from time to time. I hadn't re-read it for probably 10 years, so it was time. One of the great mystery novels of all time, with some of the most eccentric characters.

    Tne Penguin Who Knew Too Much by Donna Andrews. I'm a fan of her Meg Langslow mystery series; funny, well-written, and great escapist reading.

  2. I read the McCullough John Adams, I agree with you!
    I'm chuckling my way through Sarah Vowell's The Wordy Shipmates - about those pesky Puritans who settled the Massachusetts Bay Colony; also enjoying Why Sacagawea deserves the day off...the author retraces Lewis & Clark's journey herself, by various modes of transportation. And of course I am rereading Madeleine L'Engle's time fantasy books (for the millionth time, like).


  3. I, too enjoyed the McCullough book. I can also recommend the Adams Family Correspondence, especially the first two volumes, which cover the Revolutionary period. Also really like Joseph Ellis' elegant prose--just finished Founding Brothers, an excellent read.

    A Wrinkle in Time was one of my all-time favorite childhood books. I've been doing a lot of reading lately about the controversial Pennsylvania state constitution of 1776 (family history). Also re-reading the Aubrey/Maturin books (Patrick O'Brian) in my abundant spare time.

  4. Currently I’m reading Leading up: How to lead your boss so you both win by Michael Useem. The book contains several historical accounts of what does and doesn’t work in leading.

    I’m also helping my fiancĂ© train his 2 year old cocker spaniel, who is soooo cute! He looks like a little black and white fluffy, plush toy. Currently we’re watching the DVD Living with your dog: The Volhard method for developing a mutually inspiring relationship with man’s best friend. So far (knock on wood) the little guy is learning, becoming more obedient, well…at least for me. :-)

  5. Well, I usually have at least two books going; one audio for my commute and one in print. Currently I'm listening to Hex in the City by Simon R. Green and reading Lost Girls by George Shuman.

  6. I just started Twilight. Ha, ha, a little late, don't spoil it for me :-) I am not a fiction kind of gal lately, for the past several 10s of years really. I just finished Night Life by Laurie Anderson...come to think of it that is old as well. Is the world going faster or am I just conking out?