Thursday, June 4, 2009

SSD Conference Registration Now Open!!

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Breakout sessions available:

Book Repair for Libraries
Note: This is an all day session and all breakout sessions must be selected for Book Repair and there is a $30.00 supply fee. The class is limited to 12 people, though there will be a waiting list for those interested.

Presenter: Carolee Harrison, Conservation Technician with Portland State University; Kris Kern, Fine and Performing Arts Librarian with Portland State University, assisted by Diane Bolen, Willamette University & SSD Continuing Education Chair. This is the first part of an all day session. Book repair for libraries: a hands-on introduction to book structure, the basics of book mending for circulating collections, and the materials used for long-lasting repairs. Techniques covered will include hinge repair, tipping in pages, spine replacement and recasing. Participants are encouraged to bring their own books to work on; however, please note that work performed in this session is not intended for rare, valuable, or extremely fragile material. The session will also include a discussion on collection maintenance and how to prevent damage to books.

Time & Space Management & Organization
Presenter: Cindy Culpovich, owner of Organizing Your Space Organizing Your Space is here to bring order to your life. Living in an organized environment enables you to be productive, successful and creative. We can help you declutter and organize your space. Our mission is to help you become more efficient, allowing you time to do the things you love and follow your dreams. Organizing is my passion. It's challenging, fun, and immensely rewarding. The best part is helping people go from a chaotic environment to a calm environment and to see the benefits in their lives!

LSSCP: Library Support Staff Certification
Presenter: Karen Strege, co-director of LSSCP. ALA may establish a certificate program for library support staff (LSS) in January 2010. This program will cover the background, current developments and requirements and leave plenty of time for questions. Karen is a co-director of the LSSCP and a private consultant with an interest in planning and evolution. Previously, Karen was the state librarian in Montana and held other positions in public and community college libraries.

Introduction to CD and DVD Cataloging
Presenter: Richard Sapon-White, Catalog Librarian, Oregon State University Libraries This workshop will cover the basics of cataloging CD s and DVD s. Using a combination of slide presentation and exercises, participants will learn the MARC fields that distinguish these popular resources. Emphasis will be placed on selecting appropriate records and correcting bibliographic data. If time permits, processing issues will also be discussed. Richard Sapon-White is currently head of cataloging at Oregon State University Libraries. He is an active member of the International Relations Round Tables of both the American Library Association and the Oregon Library Association, as well as having served on various committees of the Association of College and Research Libraries and the Association for Library Collections and Technical Services. Mr. Sapon-White has a master s in library science from Southern Connecticut State University, a second master s degree in public health from the University of California at Los Angeles, and a bachelor s degree in zoology from the University of Toronto. In 2005 he received a Fulbright Fellowship to teach cataloging at Charles University in Prague, Czech Republic.

A Day in the Life of a Library Assistant
Ever wonder what your peers around the state do all day at work? Well, now you can find out! Hear what motivates or inspires other support staff. Discover the differences between your jobs and theirs and find out which joys and challenges we all share.

Why can t we all just get along? (how to deal with difficult people)
Moderator: Jackson Stalley Have you ever found yourself bracing for a meeting or conversation? Then this session is for you! Participants will learn how to manage conflict resolution, work with emotions while developing healthy, objective work relationships and valuing differences that will help create a more productive work environment.

The Huddle: A round table forum
Moderator: Stacey Fiegi This session will afford the member the opportunity to get assistance and offer solutions for the myriad of real problems facing operations in all aspects of library services. Stacey Fiegi has been with the Klamath County Library for five years. She has worked in the Circulation Department, Reference Department and the Law Library. She has an Associate s degree in Office Systems Technology and a Bachelor s degree in Business Management Marketing. Stacey is also the mother of three children, ages 22, 20, and 18.

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