Thursday, August 13, 2009

New SSD Certification Scholarships

Oregon Library Support Staff Certification Scholarship

An anonymous donor has given $1,000 to help five (5) Oregon library support staff members apply for national certification in 2010. Certification scholarships apply $200 towards the $350 application fee to enter the ALA-APA Library Support Staff Certification Program.

• The scholarship is open to any SSD member having a high school diploma, at least one year of library experience, and who has been employed within the last three years in an Oregon library.

• Applicants will be responsible for the remaining cost of the registration fee.

For more information on the LSSCP, see:

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  1. Great news! The draft Portfolio Development Suggestions have been posted on the LSSCP website. . Now you can see exactly what they are looking for in each competency set. Note: These are just examples of ways to show you know a subject. You can invent your own way to show your knowledge. Also, you don't have to do every suggestion -- *either* 15.1 *or* 15.2 will be sufficient.

    The website says these are under development, so some may change, but this gives you a sense of the hill to be climbed. Looking it over, it doesn't seem so threatening.