Wednesday, October 28, 2009

2010 SSD Conference Committee

This is a call to anyone interested in being a part of the 2010 SSD Conference Committee. The Conference will be held at the Salem Conference Center on Friday, July 23. We need 5-10 people to plan the event, which involves selecting the theme, scheduling sessions, speakers, selecting the menu and PR. Please contact Cathy Zgraggen at or Susan Gilmont at for more information or to volunteer your time. The conference can not take place without a committee to plan the event. It would be so disappointing to not have a conference because a committee could not be formed. It is a rewarding commitment and allows you to meet new people from the library world.

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  1. One of the first things we discovered when SSD was started was that many support staff were not able to attend OLA. The need to have our own conference was very clear from the beginning. This is an important opportunity to network and learn, and I, for one, really look forward to seeing people from all over the state and learning about their libraries. The "Day in the Life" session is always a highlight for me. I think it is so empowering when people can tell their stories. I truly hope that our members will step forward and help us put together another successful conference. I know times are hard, but it may be that your library will recognize your standing as a committee member and support you a little more!