Monday, December 7, 2009

Book Mending Tip of the Month

This month I will show you a fast and easy way to mend books with ragged edges. You can use this method for the edges of the book or the sides.

The book I have here has both corners and sides needing some touching up.

Lifting the cover up, you will find the board is made up of several layers of paper. Run your thump up as if you are flipping pages in a book. As you do that, take your paint brush with some glue on it and feather it back and forth brushing in between the pages.

Now lay your brush down, working with both hands, pinch the corner ends together also working the cover trying to make the material come together.

With the sides, just brush them lightly with glue and again pinch material together trying to make the cover ends meet, as much as you can.

When the glue is dry, the corner(s) and/or side(s) become hard. This will reinforce these areas.

Give it a try, the more you do it the better you will be.

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  1. Great descriptions, but the pictures are really blurred, any way to get a more focused picture? And thank you so much for doing this!