Monday, August 16, 2010


Wow! I really am a geek just not the techy kind. I successfully navigated through Skype and had a wonderful video conversation with Susan Gilmont. All it took was asking my IT department to download it and set up and account. How simple is that? The next step is an SSD video meeting. This is a new adventure for SSD.

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  1. Okay, for anybody who doesn't know, Skype is free software that lets folks do one-to-one calling, texting and videoconferencing on the Internet. All you need to videoconference is a computer and a $50 webcam (videocams are built into some computers, like IMacs). This was a test between Cathy in Bend and Susan in Newport. We are trying to make it possible for folks from *all* over Oregon to participate in SSD (and OLA) activities if they so choose. This should make meetings easier for folks who would otherwise have a long way to drive in order to participate.

    We did videoconference for an Executive Committee meeting last year, and communicated well between Corvallis and Newport using polycom technology. But Skype is less expensive and nimbler -- less of a hassle. In the next year, we will be looking into ways to move ahead using this technology. So, if you are in Bandon, Pendleton, Klamath Falls, or Seaside, please don't let distance stop you from joining with your friends in SSD and building a great organization.

    P.S. If anyone wants to test their Skype account, I am available.