Friday, January 20, 2012

How to use what you learn in LSSC

Another post from Sylvia in our continuing series about LSSC - Library Support Staff Certification. Sylvia works for Baker County Library District managing the magazine and newspaper collections.

What helps you the most in completing your classwork in the LSSC program?

Working from home: I mentioned that I work from home and this is possible because our IT manager made a house call; he helped me set up my home pc for internet access and appropriate programs that would support my support staff training. The expense for equipment and the internet connection, of course, has been my own, but the library I work for supported me by allowing the technology manager to do that, and I am grateful.

My co-worker’s creative support: As much as possible, I look for opportunities to integrate my class assignments with my daily responsibilities at work, or I turn class projects into an opportunity for on-the-job training. My co-workers help me find opportunities. For example, for one class project I was able to learn all about the online and in-library resources we had for genealogy research. Myself and a co-worker attended “Family History Days”, where I gave a power point presentation I’d prepared on that topic and she put together an informational booth. This presentation led to another opportunity for a similar presentation at another local genealogy conference, as well as sharing the information at an all-staff training day. I needed help from more knowledgeable staff to create the presentation because I needed to learn about the resources for myself, I shared the information with the community and passed the information on to other staff who hadn’t yet had the opportunity to learn about these resources.

Thanks once again, Sylvia. Are you taking classes and working? Let us know how it's going for you by commenting below.

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