Monday, October 22, 2012

The National PAC for libraries - Help fund library campaigns in the US!

You may have received this message from Turner Masland through the libs-or mailing list, if not, here is a neat way to help out libraries around the country. And as of this post, Oregon has climbed to #4 in the fund-raising totals with $250!

"Hopefully by now you have all heard of EveryLibrary - a start up National PAC whose mission is to build financial and tactical support to ensure that local library initiatives pass at the ballot box.

EveryLibrary is attempting to raise $50,000 by November 7th. This money will be used to (A) Fundraise nationally to transfer "seed money" to local ballot committees and PACs; (B) Hire great campaign consultants to make sure we do voter outreach and education right; and (C) Fund full time staff to keep the PAC engine growing for future success.

In an attempt to hit this goal by election day, (founder)John Chrastka has put forth a challenge to every state to raise $1,000. Here are how the top six states are doing so far:

NY - $1185
NJ - $700
CA - $255
CO - $145
TX - $125
OR - $110

Oregon is still in it to win it! We are only $890 short. Which means, if 89 people each threw in $10, we could hit $1000 in no time
Donating can be done online here:
You can also follow our progress on Facebook and Twitter.

If you haven't already, be sure to read John's great article over at American Libraries."

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