Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Althetes of the library

Perusing the various websites that address the subject of library ergonomics can be slightly on the boring side of things: pdf files aimed at management or dry documents put out by insurance companies.  However, some of the sites are really well done and have some eye-catching teasers and fascinating information. For example: "And working with computers, mice, and monitors requires many of the same skills that successful athletes have."  Whaaat?  And did you know your head weighs 15 pounds?

This comes to us from the UC Riverside Libraries ergonomics website, a comprehensive list of ergonomics for using computers in the library.  Some of the info looks a bit dated - the link for keyboard shortcuts takes you to a site listing Windows 95 shortcuts, but hey, they still work.

Go check out their tips and while you may not end up confidently pole vaulting over your cubicle, I guarantee you will sit up a little straighter at your computer.

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