Thursday, December 5, 2013

LSSC Course Subsidies Announcement

Below is a new announcement issued by ALA-APA about course subsidies they are offering to LSSC candidates.  If you are a candidate in the program I want to encourage you to apply for one of 90 subsidies they will be awarding in January.  When I was going through the program I applied for and was awarded a subsidy.  I really appreciated it - not only did it help with costs, but it was also affirming to be supported in this way. 

The American Library Association-Allied Profession Association (ALA-APA) is excited to announce that theLibrary Support Staff Certification (LSSC) Program will be offering $200 subsidies to 90 candidates to complete LSSC approved courses.  If the cost of the course is less than $200, the subsidy will cover the cost of the entire course minus materials such as books, etc. 

All LSSC candidates are eligible to receive a subsidy by completing an application form available at  ALA-APA will give first preference to those candidates who have not received a previous subsidy. Recipients will be chosen using a random selection process; ALA-APA will announce subsidy awards on January 6, 2014.

Recipients may use the subsidy for an LSCC-approved course in which they are currently enrolled as of November 25, 2013 or for any LSSC-approved course which ends before April 25, 2014. Candidates may not use the subsidy for approved courses that ended before November 25, 2013. A catalog of approved courses is available at  To receive the subsidy, recipients must add a Course Certification Certificate to their candidate record and send proof of course payment to LSSC. 


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