Friday, March 14, 2014

Best library things this week

Barbara Wildenboer altered books

Barbara Wildenboer has made some pretty amazing book art.  I look at these and think: "So pretty, but they look valuable and they've been cut up!"  What do you think? Beautiful art or "save the books!"?

Using 3D printers in libraries is becoming more common, but this is the first I've heard of someone doing such a generous thing. What cool things has your library printed?


  1. As the artist in question I agree that It would indeed have been a shame had I ruthlessly chopped up a valuable and rare collectors item. I have altered several books but I draw a clear distinction between vandalism and what I do. I would never use a rare or valuable collectors copy and often the information contained in the books I alter is either redundant or dated. By altering these books, I revive them and bring them back into circulation again, albeit not in the field they were originally intended for. The books in question 'Psigologica Biologica' was selected for it's specific titles that linked it to either psychology or ecology and formed part of an exhibition entitled 'Canaries in the Coalmine' that focused on environmental issues. I found the book on a dusty shelf at a fleamarket
    in Bogota where I was on an artists residency. Initially I was in fact concerned about it being a rare
    collector’s edition. The book had a different look and feel and was slightly older than the books I usually
    work with. I was unsure about cutting it up. So I contacted a friend of mine back in South Africa who's father own's a rare books shop in Kalk Bay in Cape Town and gave him the title, author and year of the book. He did some research and assured me that a copy of that edition would sell for only approximately 120 ZAR in South Africa (the equivalent of about $12), and that there were several copies of it still in circulation. In book collector’s terms, the book did not have much value. At least by altering it's original form the book was made into something that is viewed by far more people than it would hidden beneath a layer of dust.

  2. Thanks for the background information on your works and glad to know they are much more valuable now you have transformed them. They are stunning and gorgeous!