Monday, April 20, 2015

Chicks hatching in a library!

Peep peep!

One of the more interesting additions to a library collection, which were due to hatch April 19th, is the Chick-It-Out Hatch Program at the Homer Library in Illinois. 

You can go to their site and watch a live stream of the incubator, which according to their facebook page has one chick, but looks like it still has eggs in it as of this date.

The chicks will be kept at the library for a couple weeks after they hatch then go back to the farm.

I can't imagine resisting the cuteness while trying to shelve holds or working the circulation desk and would probably find excuses to be out on the floor a lot more.

How much work would you get done if there were adorable, fluffy, baby chicks in your workplace?

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