Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Your Best Customer Service

Today's post comes to us from Patti Vincent at Multnomah County Library. Patti was one-half of the customer service duo presenting "Internal Customer Service - Support Staff Working Together" at our conference last year.


Excellent Service... When it's ALL about YOU:

No doubt, our own personal mindset can make a huge impact on the quality of our service.  That's why excellent customer service starts with taking great care of ourselves.  We can pamper our minds and bodies by getting enough quality sleep, balancing our diet and exercising regularly.

Still, there are moments in the day we all need a little pick-me-up.  Instead of grabbing another cup of coffee or a piece of chocolate, try a refreshing glass of water and a few calm cleansing breaths.  Even better, grab a quick walk outside to get the blood flowing.  You may be surprised how quickly you are feeling back in the swing.

Excellent Service... When it's NOT all about YOU:

Even our best selves can be tripped up by someone having their own bad day.  Check your own behavior, take another calming breath and remember QTIP = Quit Taking it Personally.   

I remember a regular customer who always seemed to be in such an incredibly bad mood all the time.  One day her husband called to ask about a book for himself.  As our conversation closed, he took a moment to thank me and the rest of our staff for being consistently nice to his wife.  "She's been sick and is in chronic pain.  Going to the library is the only trip she makes out of the house. I know she can be difficult, I just wanted you to know why."   

We don't always get the back story.  We can't read minds.  But if we can keep focused on making each transaction positive, we may be making a difference greater than we'll ever know.

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  1. Everything really starts within our selves. We never know what the person we are talking to is going through which makes talking to them in a bad tone when they're in a bad mood would never help. live chat for website