Monday, April 7, 2014

Cool things going on in the library world

The March edition of Associates is out.  It is an online publication written and organized by global library support staff.  I had more time this week than usual to read the articles. I particularly enjoyed Sally McMaster's account of stepping into the role of President of the NYSLAA (New York State Library Assistants' Association) and organizing a conference, never having done so before.  It's so closely parallels what I've heard board members/committee volunteers talk about in SSD - it's challenging, but the past chair and other board members are there to help and they always have an amazing experience.  The NYSLAA also seems to have the same goals and aspirations to support library paraprofessionals in their jobs as we do at OLA-SSD. It was cool to read about a similar organization doing a similar thing on the other side of the country.  Check it out.  (The books-to-movies discussion was a good read, too.)

April 16th is fast approaching!  What is so special about the 16th?  This year, in case you haven't heard, we're joining up with OLA and sponsoring sessions at their conference.  You can see a list of the sessions on our 2014 conference page.  One thing that piqued my interested was the announcement that Phillip Margolin will be speaking at the PLD (Public Library Division) banquet on the Wednesday 16th.  And you all know Josh Hanagarne, the "World's Strongest Librarian" is the banquet speaker on the 17th, right?

Have I left anything out?


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