Friday, July 19, 2013

SSD 2013 Conference - Becoming Better at Your Job

The first session of the day is Becoming Better at Your Job with Leigh Ann Jasheway. And yes, I felt really ironic live-blogging during this session.  - Rebecca

10:25:20 AM She’s the type of teen that lied about going to the library and told her parents she was actually going to a party. She’s one of us. ☺

10:28:20 AM And interesting story about the OLA conference in Bend 10 years ago, it involves bark falling out of pants, haha.

10:31:07 AM Male brains and female brains, boxes and bundle of copper wire. But! 10-15% of us have the opposite sex brain.

10:32:29 AM Female brain - every time you have a thought, you have an emotion. Male brain does not.

10:34:30 AM In addition to everything already in our brain, we now have to deal with technology.

10:39:57 AM Exercise: Turn to the person next to you and give two compliments and receive one. Laughing is natural because of the laughter/play response we humans have.

10:40:08 AM Or not - google “rats laughing”?

10:41:31 AM Sense of humor releases pressure. Letting off pressure allows you to relax and adapt.

10:43:47 AM 9 years ago, no facebook, 32 years ago, first personal computer. 45 years ago, partyline telephones. But somehow we’ve convinced ourselves technology is crucial.

10:45:55 AM Leigh Anne has some hilarious stories! They mostly involve bathrooms.

10:47:04 AM Haha, a description of cellphones à la 50 Shades of Grey - dominant and submissive contract.

10:47:46 AM Ack! Now we are exchanging cell phones! What! How uncomfortable are you. And now those people are giving phones to someone else. What is your anxiety level? AAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!

10:49:48 AM Etch-A-Sketch texting!

10:50:22 AM More technology is better? Doesn’t work with cherries, either.

10:50:59 AM 55% of high school students spend less than 1 hr studying and more than 9 texting.

10:51:42 AM Emergency rooms now have code for walking and texting accidents.

10:52:43 AM Group juggling… brb!

11:03:15 AM That was completely chaotic – groups of 8 people juggling 5 scrunchies –you can’t choose which ball you drop in life.

11:04:43 AM People who thing they are the best at multi-tasking are the worst. Ie, texting and driving.

11:05:24 AM And who’s responsible for dropped scrunchies? You or the other person?

11:06:11 AM There’s a difference between amount of tasks you’re comfortable doing and capable of doing.

11:10:52 AM The more scrunchies to juggle, the faster it went. Slow down!

11:13:26 AM Lots of laughter when scrunchies are dropped. How often do we use laugh in our jobs when there’s failure?

11:14:37 AM Now we are singing!

11:17:11 AM The tongue-twister song occupied all of our brain. NO ONE was thinking about their stress.

11:18:51 AM Engage in something challenging that you can’t succeed at that is silly!

11:22:28 AM Laughing, jogging, standing on your head are best ways to get blood to your brain.

11:24:43 AM We lose REM sleep because we are thinking about technology?

11:25:03 AM Documentary “Crackberry’d”? 73% did not remember seeing a clown.
11:26:19 AM Our memories are getting worse. Our thinking is getting shallower. We’re less intelligent – email interruptions are more damaging than pot. Compassion and empathy decreasing.

OLA SSD 2013 Conference
11:29:10 AM Plus now the NSA is watching. With special NSA eyeball hat.

11:29:22 AM 67% people on dates check their cellphones.

11:30:35 AM How to turn off your brain. There’s 10, but here are a few:

11:30:46 AM Give your cellphone a time out. Did anything vitally important happen that you missed?

11:32:32 AM Pretend you’re on “That 70s Show” – only use that technology.

11:35:23 AM Get out in nature.

11:37:17 AM Don’t sleep with your cellphone.

11:38:26 AM Express your joy.

11:38:47 AM Go out with real friends once a week. (minus technology!)

11:39:08 AM Take improv class – makes you be present in the moment.

11:40:21 AM Instead of LOL, acutally laugh out loud.

11:45:42 AM Despite this topic, she does have a facebook page:

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