Friday, July 19, 2013

SSD 2013 Conference - Keynote

OLA SSD 2013 ConferenceThis year, we have Mary Kay Dahlgreen, the State (and stately) Librarian, as our keynote speaker...

9:08 AM And now for Mary Kay Dahlgreen.  One of her favorite events of the year. Ours, too. ☺

9:11 AM A reminder that the State Library exists! Established in 1905. It’s a beautiful library – go visit it. Mary has a very “modest” office on the 2nd floor.

9:12 AM She practices her stern and stately State Librarian look every morning.

9:15 AM Library Link of the Day is one of Mary Kay’s favorite site. Site was bemoaning the loss of quiet libraries. We are not quiet anymore. What does that look like?

9:16 AM Full service to self service.

9:18 AM Really moving from full service to providing options.

9:19 AM Libraries of Oregon is accessible by anyone in Oregon. So people who don’t have local library access now have it!

9:21 AM Intentional participation in and support of education systems. In last 20 years, we finally have evidence-based support of early learning benefits.

9:24 AM Dispersed impact vs. collective impact. Big advantages to working together and providing services to everybody.
9:26 AM Library2Go has been around 10 years?

9:29 AM Paper-based/physical vs. digital/virtual. Paper-based will be around for a while. But we have great digitization projects and Answerland

9:31 AM Traveling to library and fuzzy slipper service. Do both!

9:31 AM Modern reality.  People have a really traditional image of what’s available at libraries – including legislators. We’re not a bunch of old gals in long skirts shushing people. We have the responsibility to change that image.

9:33 AM Pew internet study of library usage?

9:39 AM Getting on the Colbert report is the pinnacle of success for libraries.

9:42 AM Biggest threat to libraries is the past, not the future.

9:42 AM Community gathering space vs. … community gathering space.

9:43 AM Libraries used to bring people to the world, now libraries bring communities to the world.

9:46 AM Closing remarks – libraries have never been more important. Be nimble!

9:49 AM What other libraries are doing similar to Deschutes who just added reciprocal counties? Some libraries have adopted Evergreen, Sage in Eastern Oregon.

9:52 AM Old courier systems: garbage trucks and bank couriers.

9:53 AM Will Passport system ever be adopted on state-wide basis? MK believes we can do that, but as opposed to early adopters, we would have to change a lot of systems, and overcome local politics.

10:01 AM A plea from Rea - PLEASE VOLUNTEER FOR OLA SSD! It’s really super simple to participate. Talk to anyone with Mardi Gras beads.

ETA: The last slide of Mary Kay's presentation was a little hard to read, so if you missed it, here it is:
"The mission is timeless. Some of the tools we use to execute the mission are evolving. If we honor the mission and embrace the tools, we'll be serving lifelong learning and American democracy for a long time." - Patrick Duke, Library Director, Wilsonville Public Library

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