Friday, July 19, 2013

SSD 2013 Conference - A Day In the Life

Three Oregon support staff talk about what the heck they do all day...

3:01:14 PM Erich Peppler Circulation/Equipment/Volunteer Coordinator at Oregon State Library Talking Books and Braille Services.

3:02:02 PM 5300 patrons served, however that’s only 10% of the population that could use these services.

3:04:20 PM He oversees 2 Circ Techs

3:05:30 PM Circ has morning and afternoon processes – pulling things off shelves, sending address cards to print; sending out books, inspecting, check-in, mismatches, and shelving.

3:07:36 PM Tossing is how they sort – 1500 in 15 minutes?

3:08:27 PM Equipment – they have to upkeep the equipment – they have special players.

3:09:26 PM Volunteer  management takes the largest amount of time.

3:11:29 PM They have a partnership with Delta Gamma Sorority, who volunteer every year.

3:12:40 PM His days are different depending on whether school is in or out of session.

3:14:33 PM BARD – Braille and Audio Reading Download – patrons can access this 24/7 and download their own books!  A lot of patrons they serve have insomnia so it’s good they are available at 3am.

3:17:15 PM They want to RFID tag their books in the future.

3:19:01 PM WIPO has a treaty that’s going to share resources for the blind and visually impaired with other countries.

3:24:21 PM Turner Masland is up. He’s the Resource Sharing Supervisor at PSU Millar Library.

3:27:36 PM In charge of ILL, Summit, Local Paging (a sort of holds system), Faculty Delivery, and soon starting a Document Delivery (electronic delivery of document that haven’t been scanned).

3:30:40 PM Wow, their door count is over 1,000,000.

3:34:13 PM They page twice a day. Lots of packaging and shipping, too.

3:35:03 PM Turner usually deals with frustrated patrons – they move so many materials things get lost occasionally. He enjoys turning the frustration into satisfaction.

3:37:53 PM Electronic materials are only kept in the library for 30 days because of copyright issues, so it would not be

3:38:57 PM Kate Winsor, Operations Assistant (Do-er Of All) in Hood River Library.

3:43:42 PM It’s a live-action skit!

3:41:11 PM Two courier systems. External is Sage, and internal. They also serve the high school.

3:52:09 PM The skit was not live-bloggable, but so entertaining!

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