Friday, July 19, 2013

SSD 2013 Conference - Playing Well With Others

OLA SSD 2013 Conference
Session 2 – Playing Well with Others – Leigh Anne Jasheway

1:19:43 PM You create situations by how you communicate. Using a “humor moment” can create a better experience both for you and the other person.

1:21:21 PM Game: Three people say one word each to complete a sentence: What is the meaning of life?: The meaning of life is 42, but for the majority that is too simple, therefore, most agree that many diverse universal options are available.

1:23:49 PM How do you paint the Sistine Chapel?: Two thousand years ago flat paint was insufficient, therefore we creatively selected and bulbous multituted(?) paint so when the ceiling was painted, creatively, of course, Leonardo D. could not decide how He would choose what color so therefore he splattered paint texture crookedly, abstractedly, artistically, divinely, upon the bulbous multitutive, ceiling.

1:29:22 PM What does this teach us? Things don’t always go the way we want. There’s a lot of unspoken communication.

1:31:47 PM We believe things will go the way we expect, but there is misdirection. The graph looks like this: _/ Then we experience surprise, discomfort, stress, denial, impatience.

1:33:32 PM This is also the way jokes work - setup and punchline/misdirecton. Hmm…

1:39:39 PM 60% of things you worry about never happen.

1:40:37 PM Want to change the turning point of the graph that normally creates negative emotions into a comedy point.

1:46:48 PM Jasheway has a ton of funny stories! Pantyhose in skirts, spray tans on the elderly.

1:48:52 PM Another game, this one called World’s Worst. World’s Worst Ballerina. Wow! World’s Worst Astronaut. World’s Worst Plumber.  World’s Worst Dogwalker. World’s Worst Rap Band. Okay, that was *funny*!

1:54:02 PM That game is a really good highlight for how much perfectionism and expectations affect your life.

1:56:55 PM Choose to do something you’ll know you suck at.

1:58:59 PM You cannot take risks and achieve anything without failing along the way.

2:00:37 PM Next game: Two and Ten. One person talks in ten word sentences and the other person uses two. This is a hard game!

2:07:59 PM People have different styles of communication.

2:08:21 PM Next game: Poet From a Different Land. One person speaks complete gibberish, another interprets, the last person does an interpretive dance.

2:12:25 PM Make up your own gibberish words!

2:12:43 PM The point of that game was: Communication is not just what comes out of our mouths.

2:14:58 PM Next game: Telling a story one sentence at a time:

2:16:26 PM BRB!

2:25:08 PM This is great example of how life takes twists and turns that you can’t predict.

2:25:48 PM We either make ourselves happy or make ourselves miserable. The amount of work is the same. – Carlos Castaneda


  1. Leonardo da Vinci did not paint the Sistine Chapel, Michelangelo did.

    1. Good catch - this game just proved how difficult it is to communicate when put on the spot!